Thursday, October 8, 2009


This was the second week I have started my degree life.
Things did not seem to go according to the plan.
I was late again for my class on Monday.
No incidents happened.
Just simply I didnt take the initiative to accelerate on the highways.
I had a strong feelings that something bad will befall me on that day.
That was the way I interpreted my intuition.
Rushed to my class.
A dumb short ass ran in the uni.
How ridiculous was that?
Wondering the answers and great...
I have had no ideas what she was teaching front there.
So the conclusion is Wei Keat was late for Monday class just because he believed to his damn intuition.
The complication is he was day dreaming in the class.

On Tuesday, everything went so smoothly until my next lecture class at 3 o clock.
I took the bus just because the class should be ended at 5pm.
A foreign lecturer came in and bla bla bla.
Just when I almost fall asleep.
Lecturer: We are done for today. Any questions?No? Class ends.
I was so surprised when I looked at the clock.
It was only 330pm.
Waited for like 3 hours just to attend this class.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Late for The First Lecture

Since yesterday I got a strong feeling that bad fortune will befall me today.
My intuition was so true till my prayers were not answered by the Almighty.
Eventually everything went smoothly in the beginning.
The highways, corners, traffic lights and shops I passed by were so familiar to me.
Finally, I reached my university safely.
Managed to find a nice car park near my faculty.
Just in time to get into my first lecture and wanted to give my lecturer good impressions.
My imaginations was ruined when I saw the back tyre ran out of air.
No tools was available in the car.
Immediately drove my car out and searched for a tyre shop like mad.
Damn it.
Two nails poked into the back tyre.
Wasted my time.
I was freaked out when parking lots were longer available.
No choice.
Illegal parking at the slope.
It rained just when I got off the car.
Was late for an hour.
Total blurred in the 2 hours lecture.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Four Outings in One Week 1

Out of my expectations, I had some great events during the week before my holidays end.
Of course, I have had the craziest moments with my best friends.
Excited with much surprised elements in those outings.
Hang out with those 'lungers' will never make you bored.
Their insanity will cheer up the dry atmosphere.

On the 22 of September, received messages from Yan Lin.
Decided to visit Ms Yu Min before she goes to UK.
Went to Pyramid to buy her a present.
Smart idea from Yan Lin to buy a blue scarf.
So irresistible as a MU fan, Yan Lin bought a MU purse from the cute kakak.
Her plan to buy the necklace failed when the price was non negotiatable.
Met Ivy in the mall.
Victimised by her when meet her everytime.
Yan Lin was too shy to eat the doughnut we bought for Yu Min.
The durian doughnut has a strong aroma.
So ewww....
Rushed back home after the visit.
Cooked and went to airport to fetch mum.
Mum was rather ridiculous that she bought anchovies and dried squid from Taiwan.
I picked a mask from her as my souvenier.

The outing continued on the next day.
With Ivy and Jessies at Sungai Wang and Times Square.
These two chickens made me walked up and down yet I still cannot found them in the complex.
September's fool.
Finally I gave up and went for a hair cut.
Watched Gamers.
Holy crap.
Violence and sex scenes.
The 3 retards just couldnt understand the plot.
I think I understood the sex scene.
Left the cinema after half an hour.
Dinner at Restaurant Talipon together with Meli and Nic.

Update the other 2 events tomorrow.
Toodles guys.
New semester begins tomorrow.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Attempt

Yesterday it was the first time I drove my mum's car- Altis.
Cant really control the car well especially the steering.
It is more loose compare to Avanza's steering.
I was putting my both hands instead of one on the steering wheel along the way to my university.
Felt so tired and numb on my shoulders.
Oil pedal kinda freak me out especially during traffic congestion.
Just so weird that it would not move forward when you just slightly press on the oil pedal.
I had to apply more force but then it accelerated too fast.
Luckily the break pedal is the best among all the car I have drove so far.
Anyway, went so smoothly on the highway with the speed of 120km/h.
Finally broke my record of 110km/h.
In the afternoon, went to the Mines.
Bought1/2 dozen doughnut for supper as suggested by brother.
A great day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Left 2 weeks before my holidays come to a halt.
Yet I am still doing some meaningless chores for the family.
Bet this would be the perfect solution to me for the moment.
In the process of forgetting invaluable events and even people in my life.
It is so tough.
But I am going through it.
Anyway just some shit grievance that not worth to mention.

Mum goes to Taiwan for 6 days 5 nights.
Bon Voyage.
Have a safe and enjoyable trip.
Dont forget my souveniers this time okay?
You dont have to worry much about your kitchen.
I will take good care of it.
Taking over your position temporarily.

Cooked dinner for dad and brothers just now.
Really sweat.
I guess not a total failure when dad told me it was nice and simple.
Credits should be given to my elder brother as well.
A good chef's assistance.
Took me 2 hours to complete the dinner.
A satisfied dinner.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not That Dull Afterall

I thought it would be another monotomy day.
But it seemed to be a peculiar day.
As demanded by my mum, I cooked lunch today.
Okay lor since I got nothing else better to do.
I wanted to try a new recipe today.
Hong Kong style mixed rice.
Took some chicken meat, prawn, crab stick and egg from the fridge.
Minced some onions and garlic.
Steamed the left over rice.
Thought it would be successful at the beginning.
The 1st egg I fried really made me disappointed.
Things became worst when I fried the prawn.
It was a total failure.
I should have learn some frying skills from my mum.
Anyway, a sudden change in mind.
I altered the recipe.
Used some chicken soup and throw all the ingredients inside.
Of cause, some black and soy sauce.
Well, I am quite talented.
In the end, everything turned out great.

When I finished my lunch, a damn bloody huge rat appeared.
Again my mum asked for help.
Took the broom.
I hit on it while I screamed.
Its blood just came out.
So gross.
Phew, luckily i had my lunch.
Cleaning part.
Wore gloves and took the warm carcass.
Sorry but you really caused too much trouble to me.

I took a can of beer after I settled everything.
Slept so well.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All I Need is Just a Thank You

Today was the most terrifying day ever.
The whole day was just so busy with the house chores.
Many things need to be prepared as tonight was the Hungry Ghost Festival.
How annoying it was when my siblings knew about it and nobody was helping out.
So freak out that I did all the chores and preparation with my mum.
What the hell were they doing?
My sister just stay inside her room for the whole day.
I have no idea what she was doing inside her room.
I just so disappointed with her attitude.
A week before she just past the apologize letter to my parents.
Saying that she is so sorry for everything.
The love words just come out easily from her mouth.
"I love this family so much"
She just take it for granted to spare her from doing the house chores.
Is this the way you love your family?
You are just being so selfish.
Dont tell parents the lame excuse that you got no time and you are tired.
You even have the time to go out with your boyfriend.
What am I?
A slave to you all?
You all are just too much of drama.
Should i write an apologize letter to dad and mum as well?
Should I?
Then i can abandon all the family responsibilities and go out more often with my friends.
Don't ever give a damn to me anymore.
You guys just dont know how to appreciate ppl's help.
Not even a thank you.
Shame on you all.
I got my own limit.
Respect yourself as part of the family